TTT Rules!

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TTT Rules!

Post by A$AP on Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:12 am

*They are subject to change*

DO NOT RDM! (Random Death Match)

1. Do not traitorbait. This includes saying you're a traitor or shooting your gun excessively.
2. Do not break the tester as an innocent, you may be kos'd.
3. Do not break tester pre-round, this will result in a slay.
4. Do not spam your mic, you can be gagged.
5. Don't be a squeeker, or sound like you're under 12. You will be gagged.
6. Always be respectful to admins.
7. Do not harass or disrespect other players, you may be gagged/muted.
8. No racism, but you can say nigga.
9. Do not call a KOS on someone unless you have enough proof.
10. Don't be sexist, you'll me muted and gagged.
11. Don't propkill.
12. Do not throw an incen grenade as an innocent, you may be kos'd UNLESS it's directed towards a traitor.
13. Do not prop surf, you will be slain, if you continue you'll be banned.
14. Do not advertise other servers, you will be banned permanently.
15. Do not kill an afk until overtime, you can at anytime as a traitor.
16. Have a name people can read and call you out on, if you don't you will be kicked.
17. Do not ghost, you will be banned for 3 days to a week.
18. Don't call livecheck until 3:00.
19. Only detectives can force test.
20. Do not door spam, you will be slain.
21. Killing a fellow traitor is RDM and you will be slain next round.
22. Shooting bridges on rooftops pre-round results in a slay.
23. You can claim rooms during over time, no exception earlier.
24. You CAN call a false KOS as a traitor.
25. You cannot kill on suspicion, that is considered RDM.


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