Joseph's Moderator Application

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Joseph's Moderator Application

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:23 pm


Steam ID:

Steam Name:
Joseph or Katashi (It varies, but I tend to stick with 'Joseph')

I currently happen to be fourteen years of age.

Previous Staff Experience:
Well, on this server I happen to be a 'VIP+' which I donated for. This rank grants me access to a few different commands. I'd assume this would count as previous staff experience. If the question is not asking about this server, then I've been Admin on multiple different GMOD server, and I've even owned a few GMOD/CS:S servers in the past. On that note, I have tons of experience with being a staff member.

Time Spent on Server:
I've spent around a week or so in-total on the server.

Do you know ulx commands:
Yes, I do indeed know alot of ULX commands.

I reside in the 'United States Of America'.

I do indeed have a microphone, and I use it quite often.

Why do you want to be staff:
I feel, that I'd be able to help the server greatly. I'm always on the server, I have previous experience and I'm extremely able and willing to do whatever it takes to help the server and punish rule-breakers.


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Re: Joseph's Moderator Application

Post by A$AP on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:53 pm



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